Brock Mathews

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I chose this profession because I love creating a look; whether it’s a signature style, updated classic, or something on-trend.

I graduated top of my class from the renowned Glen Dow Academy in Washington. Afterward I spent 3 years behind the chair at reputable Moxie Salon & Spa . During that time I made a name for myself with hair color, glamor styling, and specializing in bridal services. I continued honing my skills with competitions and on-stage work. Through such endeavors I won multiple trophies including the prestigious Jose Vigil trophy in 2009.

The passion for artistry and beauty in the salon industry brought me to San Diego. In addition to hair cutting and hair color, I am excited to be working with the best hair extension system available. I also specialize in evening glamor and bridal styling.

I look forward to giving our LUCO clients a stand-out look. Schedule an appointment with Brock today! I promise to give you your best look and some fun doing it.